New machine.

Dick is finally getting social security. It has been a long haul with quite literally years of waiting but his application has been processed. This resulted in a small windfall which we immediately used for two things. We had a $730 bill with the dentist from Dick’s bridgework which is now paid. I also had a dead bread maker to replace. Alan has a nifty machine I have long envied, a KitchenAide. I replace my bread maker about once every 18 months. I had been considering getting a¬†KitchenAide with bread kneading capacity. I walked into Canadian Tire and found the Professional 5 Plus on sale for $200 less then usual. After much agonizing about the weight and the price, I decided to get it.

Last night I took all the various things that this one device will replace and wonder of wonder, if Dick throws in two books it will come out even. Right now I am trying it with my favourite whole wheat recipe. It does knead beautifully. If the bread comes out I will keep.

Now if you need any ideas for birthdays or anniversaries or other presents, the thing has a bunch of sweet additions. The ice-cream maker looks like a winner. Dick would love one.

Update: The bread came out beautifully with no more work than my bread maker. I don’t use my bread maker for the baking part anyway so that is why the KitchenAide so neatly replaces the bread maker.

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