Campground Host

Yesterday we walked about 8 kilometres doing our rounds and then had a short break and then we were off to take part in the interpreter’s planned 3.5 km nature walk on Cedar Trail. This was followed by hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows at the trail head. The walk itself was really nice. We saw some Ladyslippers and found one of Dick’s safe edible wild mushrooms which we’ll prepare for breakfast. Tonight we will go another walk. This one will be through the White Tail Deer trail and be after dark. The only down side is the mosquitoes are absolutely beyond belief in any sheltered spot. In the open where there is a breeze is fine but on those trails into the bog they were almost unbearable. And that was with my 32% DEET spray. This is the season for those tiny nasty mean ones and we have about another two weeks of having them as the dominant species. I wonder how pioneers survived without DEET. It must have been beyond miserable.

One thought on “Campground Host

  1. Alan

    Yes mosquitoes are super bad right now. They even get into my work, I see one buzzing around every 5 mins. Also in the apartment, they swarm the entrance ways, its horrid.



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