On being without Facebook

My life without Facebook continues. I estimate that at one point after I finished my last contract job, I was spending 6-8 hours per day on Facebook. About six months ago I dramatically cut back on “interest” and political groups I was a part of. That dropped my time down to 4-6 hours. In other words it made basically no difference. Being off Facebook altogether is strange. The biggest feeling I have is one of relief. The second biggest is one of peace and quiet. Being without Facebook feels not unlike going on a vacation. 

I do miss seeing pictures of the kids, my grandkids and Dick’s assorted nieces and nephews, taken and posted so proudly. Kids grow so fast it’s hard to keep track of them when you don’t see those pictures. I fear I will end up greeting every child I see with the inane “my how you’ve grown!” I hated so much as a child. I am missing posts by Jessica Gordon with pictures of little Hunter especially because I won’t see him again until maybe next spring and then only maybe. 

I am not missing the “shock and awe” daily connection type posts like the stupid shocking pictures like woman’s breasts with superimposed plant parts designed to look like her nipple was replaced with a maggot invested sore. Those kinds of pictures actually haunted me at night making it hard for me to sleep, the mental equivalent of an ear worm. I was also having these bizarro anxiety attacks over the last six months or so that had no rational explanation I could determine. I was having a lot of trouble sleeping properly and wheezing after years of being wheeze free. These are fading and I am sleeping better and the wheeze is gone.

So what does it mean? I am really beginning to think there is some kind of programming of Facebook users’ brains going on. I don’t think someone at Facebook deliberately decided to brainwash people. If they had, they would not be crowing about their stupid experiment. I do think with the constant striving for more and better clicking on Facebook, it has simply moved it into people’s brains in a way that is not good. It causes anxiety and affects the immune system negatively. I don’t miss that. 

Oh I miss the cute kitty posts. In the interests of maintaining the cute cat posts I loved, here is one of Klinger who had decided no TV and no computer until I tended to his needs first.




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