Creativity Restarted

I knew Facebook was taking a lot of my time. I didn’t realize how much creative juice it was sucking out of me. I am writing again, really writing on the Embryology Explained book. I am out of date on molecular biology having last done a full review back in 2008. I have begun a full review again and it is wonderful how far the field has come since ’08. I have some diagrams to draw and chapter to review after Dick added his magic touches with figures and references. (He is the detail guy in this party.) I woke up with imagery in my head that needs to get out as diagrams for this chapter. Feels good. I am no longer having to force myself to write. The urge to be creative and productive has come back on its own now that Facebook is no longer sucking it all away on trivia.

I tried a new meatloaf recipe because it was there instead of the same old same old. It came out very well. Today I will make dark pumpernickel bread. The forecast is for cooler wetter weather this afternoon, a good time to bake.

We had a set of severe thunderstorms roll towards us in the late afternoon yesterday but the system petered out before they hit us. We had gone to the campground washrooms just to be safe but the warning was dropped by the time we got inside there and we only had a blast of wind and some sprinkling rain. I had briefly considered running around and raising the alarm with some of the campers, especially the mom with the new baby next door but I didn’t. I suspected, Environment Canada warning or no warning, it was going to be nothing at all. When storms move that fast they seldom have time to build into anything really severe.

I am following the news of the flood in Manitoba closely. This spring we stayed in Souris and saw their new bridge, built after the old one was swept away in 2011. They built the new bridge stronger, higher and better so that if the floods of 2011 came back the bridge would be fine. They are probably thanking their officials for that foresight now that the once in 300 years flood is back again only three years later. That is the problem with statements like “once in 300 year” flooding. You can have two such floods back to back and yet still have each one occur only once in 300 years.

We discussed volunteering for this flood fight after our campground host duties were finished and we decided not to. We really are too old to be slinging sandbags the way we did back in 1997. Our help would be limited to carrying messages or making sandwiches. Let the younger folk take on the battles this time. May God bless them and keep them safe, especially Lana’s new beau who is in the thick of it, and let the water’s raging pass by without harming anyone or wrecking any more livelihoods. If any place is prepared for floods it’s Manitoba. Dick says maybe we should consider letting Lake Agassi return. It’s not like we can really stop it if Mother Nature decides it’s time to put this province back under water. I will miss the lovely Manitoba summer if she does.

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