Cool Weather

It was cold enough last night that we turned the furnace on and warmed the place up. It s commonly said if you don’t like the weather, wait fire minutes. In fact it is more like three days. Prairie weather runs on the three day cycle. The ferocious storm front came on us with a rush and a roar Saturday afternoon and it has been cool since then. It is supposed to stay cool until Tuesday. The three day cycle typical of the prairies is in evidence. Since I don’t like heat, it’s a nice break. It is a bit alarming to think we would need to have to use the furnace in July. Looks like last winter’s cold trend is continuing. We have yet to have any of the +30C heat we usually experience on the prairies. I am a regular reader of Judith Curry’s excellent and invariably well balanced blog on climate change and the great debate. I hope no one on the side of “We are actually cooling and our carbon dioxide is keeping off an ice age” side of the debate are right. It wasn’t that long ago Manitoba was under a couple of miles of ice. Our insurance won’t cover us in Mexico and I’m not sure if Mexico is even far enough south to go pull our rig if we get another ice age.

Judith Curry’s thought provoking page is found here:

It’s not the usual screechy Chicken Little propaganda page. The science can get thick and the difficult to follow but the debate is fascinating. The debate remains civilized and open. There is very little “Well obviously you are in the pay of big oil if you ask that question” kind of “settled science”. It is refreshing and wonderful and Judith Curry is a gracious but firm hostess.

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