The heat is back on.

July in Manitoba is supposed to be hot, well hot for Manitoba, which means 30C and higher. The forecast is finally calling for an extended period of 30+ weather. This is harder in a trailer because it is poor insulated and basically acts like a car in sun. The trailer has air conditioning, which helps a lot, but uses a lot of power. For perspective, our generator can run everything in the trailer at once without a problem. It cannot run our air conditioner even with everything else off. When plugged into a 30amp connection we can use the air conditioner but almost nothing else, or we blow a fuse. There is also something obscene about sitting in a travel trailer in a lovely park with all the doors closed in with air conditioning on. I don’t know how people can live in trailers year round in places like Arizona in summer where 40C and higher is commonplace.

The whole issue kind of begs the question, why migrate and if you must migrate, how to optimize the migration. Why migrate is easy. If you can find an optimal climate for winter and summer you are mostly comfortable all the time. Finding the optimal is tricky and then there is the shoulder seasons when you typically freeze. We are bound by the need to be in Canada for a minimum of 6 months a year which means early spring and late fall in Canada. The north south migration is more expensive and a lot harder on vehicles and involves a lot more travel.

The alternative is the up down migration. High altitudes are cooler. When we stayed in Colima Mexico people went up the mountain where it was cooler in summer and stayed low on the mountain in the winter where it is was warmer. The problem with this is you need mountains and Manitoba doesn’t have anything that can be called a mountain without giggling apologetically. To us the mountain solution means we are basically left with either British Columbia and a cold winter, or the Southwest and a hot summer.

The hot weather of Manitoba never lasts long. Typically we get two or three weeks of 30C+ weather and then cooler 25Cish zone is what we experience for the rest of the time. Also Manitoba has the lovely property of cooling off at night even if it does hit 32C daytime. We are only a short distance from permafrost. So overall Manitoba in summer is as nice as the garden of Eden. For the few extra hot days we have, we can just take our vacations and practice siestas like the folks in the hot parts of the world. And after hearing how cold the last winter was, then a few hot days are to be enjoyed not complained about.

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