There are few pleasures in life that match being a grandmother especially as the children get older and you can relate to them as people apart from their parents. My grandson Alexander is at that age. He is approaching ten and he is a good kid. He’s a typical hyperresponsible eldest child, old for his age and caring of his younger sibs. We had a nice talk while he was out visiting and he asked me, very nicely and politely, if I could somehow fulfill his nine going on ten year’s old current dream. His bike was old and the brakes don’t work and he takes tumbles because the bike catches his clothing. It is a barely functional piece a junk. He wanted, he NEEDED, a working BMX bike. I said I would give it a try, no promises. Well I can’t cure cancer or bring world peace but I can do a grandmother thing. A BMX bike is not that grand of a dream, although at age nine going on ten, I expect it ranks right up there. So I hunted up a bike on Amazon that was decently priced and ordered it as a “for no reason but that Grandma (and Grandpa) loves you” surprise. I had it delivered to Alex’s house in his name. When it arrived I got a picture from my son showing a beaming child with his dream fulfilled. Some things in life are so easy to accomplish. Some joys are so simple to create for me and for Alex simultaneously.



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