And Snapper Makes Three


If you ever wondered what encountering a dinosaur would be like….this bad tempered common alligator snapper was a close encounter with one. We were walking the dogs around the Lakeview trail detour and we met this critter, about one meter from head to tip of the tail, sitting on the roadway.   You can tell how big it is because it is sitting across a tire track from one of the big tractor tractors working on the Beach Lake addition.

We have now seen three species of turtle at Bird’s Hill Park. First we saw the soft-shell, then we rescued the red painted turtle from the roadway. And now we met this giant snapper. 3/3 on turtle species in Bird’s Hill Park. A fine way to end the turtle watching camping season.

PaintedPainted Turtle on Road

Painted turtle we rescued from the roadway this spring.

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