Fall Walk at Bird’s Hill Park

We went walking down to the two lakes in Bird’s Hill Park. Both lakes are man made. One large lake is called Beach lake and it is for people to swim in and has a long man made beach. The other lake is Kingfisher Lake and it is designed to be a natural life for wildlife. The two lakes are separated by a tall ridge with bike paths around both lakes. This park is the busiest provincial park in Manitoba due to its close proximity to Winnipeg. It is 14 km north of Winnipeg.

Purple Smudge

Lovely purple smudge where the blue water was showing through the red bark of willows.


These mushroom are of an edible species but they don’t drop spores in the usual fashion. They rot from the inside out and the rotted black is no good to eat. So these mushrooms are too far gone to eat. We did pick and eat some early on when they are fresh and shaped like popsicles.


Still some fall colour but it’s mostly gone. Manitoba tends to go from winter to summer and then back to winter with very short fall and spring. Fall feels almost over and we might even get snow tomorrow night.


The geese are still around so winter is not here yet.


Flocks of geese and assorted ducks on Kingfisher Lake where we were walking.


We were able to walk the entire length of the islands of Kingfisher Lake due to the low water and a handy beaver dam at the one spot with water.


We found a peculiar live trap with a fenced holding pen in a depression that is normally full of water. It seemed designed to hold a larger water mammal. This is likely some project of park staff for the reintroduction or control of some local wildlife, perhaps beavers or mink or otters. We are guessing of course. Normally this island is completely inaccessible to the public due to the high water unless someone has a boat or some sort.


We say at least three species of shore birds, this one that screeches with a loud PEE-EEP PEE-EEP and is exceptionally shy about people is the most unusual one.

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