On the Road Again

Today we leave the Bird’s Hill Provincial Parks Campground Host site that has been our home since May 9th. I am kind of sad about going because we had such a great summer. We leave physically fitter than before. When we arrived it was a strain to do the entire Lakeview Trail (7.2 km) by bike. By midsummer it was a breeze. We won’t get to see the completion of the Beach Lake upgrade. We will also be leaving the staff we have worked with who have been really kind and helpful and feel like friends. Our location here has been so lovely. We have had a huge lot in a lovely wooded setting. It is not quite as nice as the Meadowlark site we had last year but it still gorgeous and I would rank it as our number two all time best site. One of the sadder aspects this season’s close is that they have a policy of keeping the position to a two year limit. I understand the policy because it allows other people to have this great experience as campground host, but I sure wish we could do it next year. We will apply here again just in case the very tiny possibility of not enough applicants occurs. We will also apply at three other provincial parks that have a campground host and internet access by one method or another. Odds are, we will be on our own next year. We are planning on staying here next spring for three to six weeks when we get back as we will need to spend some time close to the city getting our yearly physicals, our dental checkups and such taken care of. The hardest part of all will be saying goodbye to the kids and grandkids for another six months.
We leave here heading into Winnipeg for dinner with some of our kids and grandkids then tomorrow morning at 7:00am the good folks at Saturn will change one bent axle, replace two worn tires, repack the grease in our wheel bearings and install a new toolbox to enclose our batteries and discourage theft. They will also inspect our trailer brakes. Assuming they find nothing that delays our start, we will then head out into south western Manitoba. We will make a brief stop at our property near Alonsa and check everything. We will vote in the upcoming rural municipality election. (I will vote but I don’t think Dick can as he is an American citizen.) We will then head off to explore rural Manitoba. We had a lovely stay at some of the smaller municipal campgrounds in the region last fall and we will stay until it gets too cold to stay in Manitoba. Hopefully Rapid City the best little spot we stayed in last fall is open this year. You just never know with these small town campgrounds. After that we will leave for the USA and begin our trek to Florida with stops along the way.
On the road again, a little sad, mostly grateful for a fabulous summer and looking forward to our next adventure.

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