I Find Limitations On Telephone Service

We had an adventurous couple of days. We got all the assorted repairs completed on our trailer and left with everything working well. However we have developed some kind of a loose connection in the new wiring so we lost power to our slider and the rear stabilizers and the electric brakes on the trailer. I have isolated the faulty box (I think) and we have purchased another one. We figured out how to manually retract out slider and I already knew how to manually extend the stabilizers so no buggy. Since we have driven many miles before without our brakes connected that is not a buggy either as long as we stay on the prairie. We decided not to drive back to Winnipeg to get it repaired since I can do it myself.
Our cabin is fine, untouched by man or beast. It is very wet there and I got wet feet walking out to check the cabin. Our friends from Alonsa area Stan and Louise Asham invited us to park in their farm yard in Kinesota and that is where we are now. It was really nice to catch up on things with them. They are nice friendly people. We have a full tank of water and we can properly shower and then tomorrow we will likely return to our bog for another night. The forecast is rain so it will depend on how much and when. We had a lovely talk with much laughter. Dick went out to observe as Stan put his pickerel net out. Dick is planning on going out with him tomorrow to see what they catch. I am hoping that will will have some fresh tomorrow. Stan is a generous fellow but pickerel are special.
We are going to try to stay in the area until Saturday because there is a fall supper at Kinesota. It will depend on wet and weather. On the down side I discovered my FIDO telephone is not working outside of Winnipeg area so I can’t call the kids and chat as I expected to be able too. That is disappointing.


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