Made it to Manitou

Susan showing off her workshop which is also the old school house on the home quarter. Her husband attended this old one room school house.

Wind was super nasty. It’s so unusual to have a south east wind on the prairie. Normally pulling the trailer I get 19-22L/100km but on this trip with a powerful head wind I got 30-32/100km and often could not get above 80km/h. The trailer handled well for all that. The new levelness makes everything fine. We are staying at the farm of ice’s former student and now colleague Susan Crawford-Young and tomorrow we hope to get out early and get over the line and into Minnesota and as close to Minneapolis as possible. Looking forward to hearing that Yankee twang. The forecast for Manitoba is snow for Tuesday so we are leaving right on time. I miss rapid City already, such a nice little town.


Susan was Dick’s student doing a Master’s in Engineering with him. She is now an salaried instructor with Red River Community College teaching science and also doing research. She has been successful in getting small grants which allow her to continue research she began with Dick as a Master’s student. This is her microscope.


We had breakfast with Susan before leaving Winkler for the USA.


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