Your Antifreeze is Good to -45F.

I got an oil change today. It’s always amusing to pull into one of these quick oil change places and watch the staff try to deal with postal codes, provinces and kilometres. This time was no exception. I got the usual

“What state is Manitoba?”

“It’s a province in Canada.”

“Oh. Is it okay if I put CA in for your state then?”

“Your computer will think I live in California but that’s okay with me.”

“What is your mileage?”

“Well I can’t give you mileage since it is in kilometres. Just write the numbers in. I’ll do the conversion.”

“Okay. May have your zip code?”


“Um….my computer won’t let me put in letters.”

“Enter your own postal code or a string of 9s.”

“Oh yeah that works.”

A few minutes later, “Everything is fine. We topped up your windshield washer fluid. Also your antifreeze is good to -45.”

“Yes it gets that cold in Canada. I try to avoid it by visiting your lovely country and heading south in the winter.”

“Wow. -45. That’s pretty cold. Is it always that cold?”

“Only in winter. For the six weeks or so of summer it’s lovely.”

Thoughtful nods. “Here’s your change.”

I very carefully avoid using the Canadian eh until the end. “Have a nice day, eh.”

Startled look then a funny smile. “You too. Safe travels.”


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