We arrive in Panacea, Florida

Oh yes! We have arrived to the closest place to home we have outside of Manitoba, Gulf Specimen Marine Lab in Panacea Florida. Dick does volunteer work for them. I write and hang out. One year I did a bunch of programming as a volunteer training project for learning to do html. It is good to be back and get reacquainted.

SAM_3982 SAM_3987

Here we are touring the lab again and getting up to date on what is new and what is the same. The kiosk I programmed is still there and still working.

SAM_3990 SAM_3995

More students this time. There was a Florida State University project on what different sponges like to eat.

SAM_3997 SAM_4002

The sharks were bigger and we were astonished to see how big Little Girl is now. She is almost big enough to be returned to the wild.

SAM_4008 SAM_4026

Here Jack checks up on another FSU student doing a project on sponge regeneration. It’s sure great to see all the research going on.

SAM_4044 SAM_4073

Some horseshoe crabs on display and the view from the corral where the trailer is parked. It is nice to see the sea again!

SAM_4076 SAM_4078

And of course it is rainy and wet and foggy and we arrived to a series of thunderstorms, some of them severe, and a couple of tornado warnings. Imagine a prairie thunderstorm that lasts for days.

SAM_4079 SAM_4091

The dock the children have their lessons in marine biology on was all fixed up after a storm tore it up. We could see the repairs. Jack looks great.

SAM_4092 SAM_4098

Jack demonstrated how they lift net works. And we got to meet what I suspect is a good part of the reason Jack looks so good and is smiling so much. HIs new friend Jane.

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