A day on the beach.

At last the weather in Panacea Florida has cleared up and we got to go for a nice long walk on the Alligator Point beach. We walked with Jack, his friend Mary Scott who has a home on the beach, and our dogs, Jack’s Lily, Mary Scott’s Jet and our Trusty and Fred. A walk of sun, surf, sand and happy dogs. It doesn’t get much better. Happy American Thanksgiving to all from Panacea, Florida.

SAM_4102 SAM_4103

Fred loves to chase his ball. Trusty was the smallest dogs and the others were exuberant so she stayed close to Fred and her people and avoided the wrestling matches.

SAM_4108 SAM_4109

Fred Trixie and Jet race ahead chasing Fred’s ball. Fred usually won all the races.

SAM_4113 SAM_4115

The beach is alive with creatures especially ghost crabs. We didn’t see the crabs but there were tracks everywhere of their coming and going.

SAM_4116 SAM_4117

Fred often chooses to wade/swim along the beach instead of walking as in this picture. Lily runs like a madwoman but always comes back to check in.


Trusty is unhappy in this picture because I am telling her to stay and she does not want to stop for pictures. The beach is full of wonderful stuff to sniff and explore there’s always the fun of rolling in the sand. Who wants to pose for pictures?


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