Pomme De Terre Missouri

Pomme De Terre Campsite SAM_5386

We had to do some wild weather dodging after our stop in northern Mississippi. Missouri, next destination on our trip home, was under a high risk for severe storms. The weather looked to be one of those heavy duty southern US spring storms systems you simply need to avoid. Mapping the weather charts over the campground maps and checking front movement and all that we decided to simply get past Memphis into north eastern Arkansas and then stop. NOAA was not wrong and Missouri had horrific storms while we sat it out in the West Memphis KOA.

After weeks of being in state parks it was a bit of a shock to be back in a teeny tiny campground plot with some trees and sparse mowed lawn but it was nice to have full hook up again. We got caught up on email and laundry. In order to get past the part of southern Missouri under severe storm threat before the storms started we got up at 5:30am and were on the road before 7:00am. We then drove as fast as we could across country to Pomme De Terre State Park. We had planned on taking in the Rollo area national forest in the Ozarks but it was under a severe storm high risk mark on the NOAA map. We’ll try the Ozarks this fall if we get back this way again. After eight hours of driving with only one very brief stop to see the Mammoth Spring at Mammoth Springs state park (which has nothing on the Wakulla Spring by the way), we continued on our way with sky darkening ominously as we went. A stretch of Highway 63 had everything blown over due to a microburst about 2 hours after we drove it. The campground near Rolla (our original destination) got hit by not one but three separate severe storms that went off evening and overnight. Meanwhile, we were comfortable in Pomme De Terre though shortly after our arrival the next county east went under a watch and then a warning and those severe storms rumbled north eastward eventually producing an F4 tornado that knocked out the town of Fairdale Illinois. We picked Pomme De Terre because it was over the risk line and I have to say just barely. Still we made it safe and well. My condolences to the folks at Fairdale.



Pomme De terre was all in bloom on the ground with five kinds of wildflowers.


Even the moss was in bloom with tiny white blossoms.

SAM_5378 SAM_5379

The fishermen were out in force. I watched them. I saw a loon steal a fish right off a hook but the fisherman just laughed about it. That was treat because I have read that loons will do that but never saw it. The fish was too small to be a keeper. The lake was warm and we had a path to the water so Fred got to go swimming. Fred loves to swim and there aren’t a lot of places where you can let your dog swim. Bonus: no alligators.


The trees were bare, just starting to bud. From here we spent two nights at Big Lake Missouri with one evening of wild but non severe lightning storms that were a treat to watch. We are currently parked at a South Dakota Souix Casino which has free hookups for players. Last night I won $3 on the slot machines. I hope to do even better today. ($3 is not bad when you only play penny slots like I do.) It’s all dreary and spring dirty here. The trees are bare. There are still patches of snow. The wind is awful and the dust is blowing.

After today we will got to North Dakota then Winnipeg. We will have a week of business in Winnipeg including bank appointments, dental appointments, a visit to the lawyer, hug all the kids and grandkids, and then we hope to leave Winnipeg to take possession of our little house in Alonsa Manitoba April 29th.

Update: Dick picked up a small tick somewhere in the park. We did our usual tick bite thing. Carefully remove the tick and then use a permanent felt to draw a circle around the bite area. If nothing happens by the time the felt mark is gone, we consider it clear. This time however Dick developed an exact replica of the CDC nonspecific tick borne illness rash. We took comfort in the fact that the rash indicated a nonspecific tick bite rash not associated with any kind of long term arthritic or heart disease but he had a round of antibiotics in any case, just to be sure.


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