Settling Into Our New Stick House


103 Main St Alonsa Manitoba. We are settling into our new stick house quite nicely. I thought I would share some outside pictures.


This is the view from the farthest corner of our lot showing how big our two lots are. We have a neighbour, Bill, who came by and mowed it for us with his lawn tractor.


My daughter Lana came out to help us and here she is taking a break in the one spot with good (sort of) cell phone reception. Behind her you can see the worst thing we have encountered in terms of need to fix. I thought the window ledge behind her was going to mean a major mould clean up but after pulling out rotten windowsill I found nothing but surface external damage. This window needs urgent replacement. The rest can wait. Naturally being now a Jewish house we also installed the essential mezuzah.


Our neighbour Jerry came over with his tractor and worked up our garden patch. Too soon to plant though. Frost warning for later this week. We’ll wait. We also found a special surprise for making pies we don’t need to plant.

SAM_5475 SAM_5479 SAM_5483   Rhubarb and lots of it!

Lots of room for parking the trailer. We need to get some gravel into the low spot and then we can move the trailer over to one side so we can get around it to the garage, We also need to install a proper RV plug and the parts are on order from Amazon. Dick has not yet moved his computer into the house so the trailer is now his office. Last night we slept in the house for the first time.SAM_5532 I can’t even begin to describe the numbers and variety of birds. Yellow bellied sapsuckers, downy woodpeckers, robins, thrushes, at least eight varieties of sparrows, grosbeaks and the assorted warblers and chickadees haven’t gotten this far north yet! I am filling my bird feeder every single day.  These are greedy little fellow

. SAM_5533

Who ever had this place before had a real love for flowering garden plants. Things are coming to life all over the place and I have had several pleasant surprises including my favourite flower, violas.

SAM_5534 SAM_5535    SAM_5539

And one gnarly old tree, showing its age and full of funny lumps and marks and sags I can certainly relate to.


And I’ve been very careful not to work too hard.



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