Garden Tomato Production Outstrips Consumption


As I expected we found ourselves swimming in lovely fresh garden tomatoes. No matter how many we ate, they ripened faster than we could eat. I decided to get production back to controllable levels by canning three large jars of them for the future. Many years ago when I canned tomatoes, the pressure cooker made me nervous so I used the old fashioned boiling water bath method. Today I am very comfortable with the pressure cooker so I did the cold pack, ten minute method except I went for 20 minutes instead of ten. I find the pressure cooker method much easier. It doesn’t heat up the whole kitchen the way the boiling water bath does. I also added my own onions, garlic and some store bought celery to the jar before canning. The tomatoes are a mix of yellow and red and the yellow ones are considered low acid so I also added a tablespoon of lemon juice just to make sure the acid level is high enough to avoid problems even though, with pressure canning, botulism shouldn’t be an issue. These tomatoes will make great sauce later with the year when the garden is finished. I will put them on the new shelves I have been building in my storage closet/tornado shelter.

There is a lot of personal satisfaction to putting your own home grown food by for later use. It’s only three jars because the I didn’t plan a garden for getting a whole years worth of veggies. I did that for three years in the past when I lived on a farm and we did what was basically subsistance farming. Next year I will consider more tomato plants and maybe more canning. In the meantime the jars are cooling, the colour is lovely, and three jars of stewed tomatoes worth about $15 will end up in my basement after about 30 minutes of work.

5 thoughts on “Garden Tomato Production Outstrips Consumption

    1. fulltimetumbleweed/tumbleweedstumbling Post author

      Well mine is a cheap ($22 on sale) aluminum one I bought at Canadian tire called Mirro but it is very effective. It has a weight not a gauge and holds three jars.

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  1. our next life

    What a nice problem to have! 🙂 We have never had more tomatoes than we could eat — because we eat so many when we do have them. Just thinking of all I could make with your bounty — pasta sauce, salsa, enchilada sauce, diced tomatoes for later… 😉

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    1. fulltimetumbleweed/tumbleweedstumbling Post author

      You can enjoy a lot of the pleasure by having a few pots of plants. I did that for two years.of course that assumes the weight is not an issue, crossing the border into Canada is unlikely, and you really want it that much. I also went to farmers markets and garage sales in the country and visited folks with gardens too.

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