Old Fort Erie

Our second day at Niagara Falls we were going to do  so much. Instead we did one thing, go to Old Fort Erie. This is a reconstruction of the old Fort Erie of the war of 1812 which was the scene of some really ferocious and bloody battles. Ice jams wiped out the original wood fort closer tot he water so in 1936 this replace was made. In the process of digging to build the replica, the builders came across mass graves. The largest mass grave is now marked by cenotaph. The majority of the bodies of American soldiers were carefully dug up a


SAM_6461nd repatriated and reburied back in the USA with much pomp and ceremony. I learned the grey uniforms of West Point date back to this era when the Birtish cut off he supply of blue die for American Blue uniforms and so the American who fought bravely and well and behaved professional wore grey. They were so professional and did so well it became the grey to mark a professional army.

The war was 200 years and England and the USA are now at peace. What was once a loyalist British colony and a bunch of rebels are now two countries with the longest peaceful border in the world. It’s had to believe we were at war and I hope we never are again. I was taught in school that this war was largely a stupid joke. I only learned on this visit how the American troops, regarding the loyalists as treasonous scum, burned down their houses and farms all along the Niagara river and that the British retaliated for the attacks on civilians by doing the same on the American side. The War of 1812 was no joke and the men in it died fighting in a cause they held dear as any. And the innocent civilians were forced from their homes, and had to flee many dying from cold and starvation and abuse at the hands of the occupying forces.

I also learned about Laura Secord who was able to warn the British about the American attack. I knew she was a great Canadian hero. I never knew the details.

The recreation is well done. Staff are in uniforms. You can see everything in a couple of hours. The displays are authentic looking and you walk out with a feel for it. We visited on halloween so all the halloween stories of ghost haunting the place were being shared by the staff. We visited the supposedly haunted rooms but did not see any ghosts.


We did get three light balls in our pictures which supposedly indicate ghost activity. You can see our three ghost balls in the picture.




After Fort Erie we drive back taking the road that fallows the river on the Canadian side back to the falls. The view was lovely and the drive was very nice. We were both tired and I was running a fever so we skipped swimming and more sight seeing. Fortunately a good nights sleep and I was fine. halloween was very quiet in the campground. Not a single trick or treater or spook.

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