Replacing a dead microwave.

Our six year old Panasonic microwave oven quit on us a couple of weeks ago. It blew the fuse, made the breaker pop and then released great quantities of stinky burning rubber and funny noises just before popping the main breaker. Obviously not a good thing. So we removed it. I was actually surprised to discover the old microwave was just set in an opening in the wall with a plug and a frame around the outside.


While we decided what to do, the space served as an impromptu shelf. My research taught me a couple of things. First, there is a special class for microwaves that go into RVs. They are made to take all the extra bumping up and down the highway. You can’t just put in any old microwave. Second, the original one we had was no longer being manufactured.After some shopping around on line I found a replacement that was almost perfect size from one of my favourite RV parts stores, While their selection is somewhat limited, over the years we have found that if they do have what you want, it arrives quickly and reliably and is cheaper than anywhere else. And they had the microwave we wanted.


The new microwave arrived 7 days after we ordered it for a total with shipping of $220USD.


We had to put the frame on but it was really easy. One screwdriver and a few screws and we were set. We also had to screw on the top vent so hot steamy air goes out of the front of the space instead of into it. The hardest part was lifting it up into the space after plugging it in.



We plugged it in and set it in place on top of the new steel protective panel they provided and voila. New microwave set up and ready. Now we did end up with a space on the top because it isn’t a precise fit. Before we put the final four screws that secures the frame to the wall in we will have to go the lumber place and get twenty inches of 7/8 square wood and some trim. So we will wait until we have that to finish the job. Otherwise, it is a go! We have a functioning microwave again.



No one paid me for my review!

2 thoughts on “Replacing a dead microwave.

  1. Wandering Dawgs

    Great post! Our RV microwave is almost 10 years old and I would love to replace it with a convection/microwave. If our space is anything like yours it looks like it would be much easier to replace than I thought! I hope you enjoy your new one.



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