Little House on the Prairie – Update Exterior Painting

I promised myself that I would not start doing any more renovations or additions or purchase anything else for any other projects until I used up all the paint I had in the house from last year and the garage was repainted to match the house. (this has saved me a lot of money this summer.) As it happens, I will need to buy one more small can of the lighter bright yellow but its done! There is a small section that needs a second coat. I still have to do the trim, and the doors (my next painting effort) but the main part is done. Doing the garage was much easier than the house because there was no sanding, scraping, bare wood or peeling paint. This was basically a brighten and refresh job so the garage matches the house. What a huge job this has been even though this is a tiny house. I hope I don’t need to do it again anytime soon. The staid proper and rather boring old before colour is shown below. You can’t see what terrible shape the old paint was in before either.


Of course, forcing myself to not buy anything until the old project stuff has been used up has not stopped me from dreaming about the next project. This is my tentative indoor colour scheme for once I have all the trim and other exterior stuff completed.

Kitchen Color



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