End of an Era:Why we stopped living as fulltimers in an RV.

Kind of overdue but needing to be said. I put this on my old blog about being a fulltimer


My husband and I lived as full timers in an RV for five years. It was a great adventure and we enjoyed it very much and it was well worth it. So why did we quit? I never really got into it beyond a brief post about the shoulder season. So let me elaborate. Manitoba is a very cold place. Winter arrives in October and stays until April. You can’t just stay south and wait for spring because if you aren’t physically inside the Canadian border for six months a year, you lose your health care and seniors benefits. You must be there for shoulder season. Now some years you get lucky and things are warm by April and life in a travel trailer is feasible. Sometimes it stays cold until well into May. Winter can arrive as soon as the first week of October and by November 1st it…

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