International Disability Rights Affirmation Conference Day 1

How I spent my Friday

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I (meaning Natalie) spend time in the virtual word of Second Life doing a variety of things both serious and work related and just plain fun. Today I am attending and have the honor of being an introducer in the International Rights Disability Conference hosted in Second Life by Virtual Ability.

Virtual Ability is a great place designed to provide support and community for people with disabilities. Each year they host a conference designed to promote disability rights and encourage fuller participation of the disabled in their own community.

I have been providing very occasional and small consultative help to Virtual Ability almost since they started in Second Life. It has been astounding to me to see how this have taken off and grown from a tiny single plot in Second Life to an entire huge multi-sim island in Second Life with a large and vibrant community.

Entry into…

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3 thoughts on “International Disability Rights Affirmation Conference Day 1

  1. Brad Keyes

    Very interesting… despite being non-climate-related. Couldn’t you have shoehorned a climate-change angle into it? Any half-decent academic could, no sweat. 🙂


      1. Brad Keyes

        Ironic the way people used to use the weather as an inoffensive topic to pass the time with complete strangers. Too dangerous these days.

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