Trump derangement syndrome strikes again.


Trump derangement syndrome strikes again. Dick’s cousin sent a long diatribe about some swastikas and Nazi symbols on a New York subway. Disgusting stuff yes, but obviously amateurish, written in felt pen. (Other subway riders promptly removed the stuff with hand sanitizer, hurrah for them.) The message from the cousin blamed the event on President Trump and demanded we immediately repudiate President Trump and join him to rise up against President Trump before we all end up in gas chambers.

I replied that, where such statistics are kept, such blatant acts of Jew hate are overwhelming done by radical Islamic extremists. The Democratic Party has among their consideration for leadership, a person whom experts on the topic say has a lot of ties to radical Islamic extremists. Maybe he should look at his own party if he is worried about gas chambers for Jews.

My husband told him President Trump could not have written that graffiti because someone would have seen him do it and President Trump would have signed his own work. He then added that President Trump had more Jewish grandchildren that both of them combined so gas chambers for Jews are highly unlikely under his presidency.

The cousin replied that he should tell us to just f*ck off but since Dick is a relative he would be polite. He then devolved into a diatribe about how crazy we are, followed by many more far less flattering descriptives. Then he said we are never, ever to contact him again. He finished by citing stuff from the group he is in that is going to ‘rise up’ against hate and overthrow President Trump and take back the USA . (Apparently he did not see any irony in claiming he is against hate while directing so much hate at us himself. Like these folks.)

People like this are, quite simply, f*cking deranged nutcase loons. Thank goodness this cousin is also a strong advocate of gun control. He boasts about not owning one and he lives in New York, far away from us. I shudder to think what such a hate filled angry person could to us do if he owned a gun and lived nearby.


I disagree with just about everything Noam Chomsky says and stands for but I agree with him on this point about free speech.


And that makes the fourth relative that has cut us off. Love Trumps Hate indeed. Just goes to prove that old adage about how you can pick your friends but not your relatives.

And by the way, just in case some deranged nutcase loons are thinking of showing me some of their version of love, I do not believe in gun control for law abiding citizens, like me.

2 thoughts on “Trump derangement syndrome strikes again.

  1. J.P.R. Campbell Blog

    If only we could pick our family. Those I suppose I should be thankful that my family has a diverse range of views that mostly don’t align with my own. Prevents my opinion being reinforced by an echo chamber rather than logic and facts.
    Neat post anyway.

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