Moab Daily – Colorado River


The Moab Daily refers to a stretch of the Colorado river above Moab that is the perfect length for one day travel. Every year many people will arrange to take the Moab daily in a rented boat. Depending on the conditions this stretch has Class 1 to Class 3 rapids. The river is treacherous with undertows and whirlpools and swimming is not recommended. This length of the river also has a nice road that makes up the first 20 or so miles of the La Sal Mountain Loop.

We stopped at various points along the way including this place where two Japanese tourists were waiting for the rest of their party before doing their own Moab Daily run.


At strategic spots where space allows are several tiny campgrounds. Some are suitable only for tenting. A few places are good enough for a small to medium sized RV or travel trailer. There were some interesting informational signs as well. I never would have thought of pike and wall eye as nuisance invasive fish you need to catch with no limit but here on the Colorado that is exactly what they are.



The road is narrow and hugs the sides of the canyons. In many places the rock walls are so close they have put reflector tape right on the rock wall so you don’t hit at night.


For the first six miles out of Moab there is this fabulous parallel bike path, two lanes and paved. This place is a bikers dream and we saw all kinds of people on bikes from professional mountain bikers with incredibly fancy gear to families with toddlers in kiddie seats and little ones on tiny bikes with training wheels.


The giant boulders are perfect for training in rock climbing and we saw families having lessons and practicing on the big boulders. You can’t help but think that at any moment a new boulder can break free and roll down on you. And everywhere is the canyon with the river below for miles and miles.

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We enjoyed our time following the Colorado River on the Moab Daily. We spent about four hours driving up and back and stopped at various sites along the way. We even got to see the famous beach John Wayne took a wagon train over in the movie Rio Grande. Of course it wasn’t rally the Rio Grande, it was the Colorado. And apparently the Colorado river tastes good too.


We had one really nice surprise when we got back to town. We took the dogs walking at the Kinsmen park where the Colorado Daily route ends in Moab and we crossed the footbridge. And there we encountered a group of young men preparing for some acrobatic slack lining. This kind of high risk, high fun sport is going on all the time in the Moab area. Even if you don’t feel up to it yourself, you can enjoy some of it vicariously. We certainly did. The slack line folks complained that tight rope walking on their lines took all their concentration and the water skiers passing underneath distracted them and made them fall off so they were left hanging by their harnesses. But the complaints weren’t that serious. It was all in good fun. I have to say that of all the places we visited in the Moab area, the Moab Daily was my favourite.

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