Migration Home 2018 – 441 Georgia.

General Coffee State Park

We stopped at the General Coffee State Park the first night staying only one night. I regret that because the park had a very nice historical agricultural centre that would have been fun to see. We did get to see the short trail where tortoises live. It was still hot so we saw no tortoises but it was a neat walk. We were obviously tired from our time in Florida because we both went to sleep at 7:00 pm and slept through the night awakening at 7:00 am. A 12 our sleep is not that unusual for me but it is almost unheard of for hubby dearest to do that.


Standing beside a baby tree in General Coffee State Park. We’re on the tortoise trail. Misty, like most dogs, loves traveling.


General Coffee State Park had a lot of Spanish Moss. Just a bit further north on our trip and the moss vanished. We were now too far north for Spanish Moss. I was sad to say goodbye to the lovely stuff.



A perfect setting for a ghost story.

We had one misadventure. We stopped in for gas and out trailer made the usual clunk clunk as we did a tight turn. A man came up and told us he was a truck driver and he had detected something seriously wrong with our trailer because of the clunk clunk. We didn’t actually think there was a problem but we decided it was worth a check anyway.  I inspected the axles and the only I could see was a little thingie was missing where we had recently replaced the four shackle bolts. There was a truck/trailer place right nearby so we pulled in. A quick inspection and a replacement of the grease fitting and we were on our way, reassured. They charged us $10. If you are ever in Pearson Georgia and and need work done, be sure to check out Four C’s Tire LLC at 915 W Albany Ave, Pearson, GA 31642. They are very nice honest folks.


Following 441 north took us straight through farmland. 

From there we continued to Milledgeville where we visited with our friends and Dick’s colleague who is working on a book with him. That meant the morning working for Dick with Kalina Malyonov and then a social evening with her husband, Vlady, and I joining them. Kalina is a professor at the university in Milledgeville. They have the loveliest home. It was a real pleasure to get caught up again.

We then broke our own easy travel rules and drove 246 miles to Fort Mills to the KOA right near Charlotte North Carolina. KOAs are of a type and mostly okay but they tend to have small sites, tight crowded roads and very little space to walk a dog. The plus is they are clean, have standard good to excellent amenities and they are often near cities making them a good place to stay if you have business and don’t expect a true wilderness feel. The Fort Mill/Charlotte KOA was no exception. This KOA was undergoing renovations so it was not the nicest stay even for a KOA. The city has grown up around what was once a campground out in the country so all day long airplanes went by low overhead, sirens sounded, and traffic noise was endless. The trip to the KOA was almost entirely interstate and the closer we got to our destination the worse the traffic became. Dick then did his presentation while I stayed with Misty in the campground. Unfortunately, no great business deal was made but the visit was at least productive enough to mean progress and more work ahead for him further developing his idea. We departed Charlotte with relief and finally were able to really start our adventure. We were off to Tallulah Gorge State Park.


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