Migration Home 2018 – Montgomery Bell State Park Tennessee

Montgomery Bell Map

Getting to Montgomery Bell State Park meant getting down off Fort Mountain and then taking the interstate to Nashville and then going west to Memphis for about 35 miles. We were subjected to more rain and talks about snow storms and noreasters on the radio. Coming down off Fort Mountain made me very glad we had not tried to come up from the west. It was lots of steep grades down in low gear and frequent hitting the brakes. The interstate going north west was the same as any other interstate and we pulled into our campground just in time for coffee. On an amusing note we also crossed the time zone from eastern to central and then everything switched to daylight savings. The net result was no change in time making for the easiest transition of a time zone and easiest spring forward I’ve had yet.


When we pulled into the campground the hosts were on duty and the very nice lady promised us the best spot in the campground on the creek. She wasn’t kidding! That particular spot was gorgeous. It was at the end of the row so we had no neighbour on the door side of our rig and a huge open space. Best of all was that our spot was ringed by a lovely babbling brook of the most perfect size. We were serenaded by gurgling water our entire stay. We had one unpleasant surprise. Our kitchen GFI plug had died. This meant we had to cook, run computer, heaters and everything else off one other circuit and we soon found ourselves juggling things to prevent the breaker from throwing. Another surprise was a nice surprise, the park had internet. It was slow and unsteady but it worked well enough that I could do a good check of weather, get caught up on news from home and get some email off. It was too cold to do much more.

The park was full of local people with lots of big dogs and Misty had several walks where she got petted and admired and got to sniff noses with friendly dogs. Misty is not a huge dog but she is bigger than most so she was thrilled to meet a huge black Great Dane. He was a nice friendly dog and well behaved and returned Misty’s bow and play when a dignified sniffing. Sunday morning the park pretty much emptied and we waited while the forecast zone for winter weather dropped further and further south until we were in the edge of it. We fell asleep to brook and rain sounds. We woke up to a centimetre of wet snow underlaid with a sheet of ice.


The roof doesn’t leak when it’s not raining but there’s nothing like a heavy rain to reveal problems. Before bed we had to contend with water leaking in the big window by our dining area. It tool some figuring but it was soon apparent we had some small holes in our awning, the calking on the window was cracked, and there was something in one gutter. The net effect was a leaking window. I put the awning out partway and then dried the area thoroughly with a towel. I put a strip of duct tape over the window to last until morning. The rest would have to wait. By the time we got up and had breakfast, the sun was shining and the snow was melting away. I was able to dry the area around the windframe and I dug out some calking and recalked it. One part of the leak repaired. We pulled out with water falling like a tap on full, dripping as went. We pulled into Walmart and got what we needed to repair the awning and purchased a new the plug for the kitchen. We were then off to our next destination, Reelfoot State Park in the far north western corner of Tennessee.


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