Migrating South Day 2 – North Dakota

Our second day we planned on getting to South Dakota and staying at a state park. The distance was at the upper limit of what I like to do in a day. Nature had other plans. The forecast was not promising so we decided to just go as far as Bismark. The day started out nicely enough but soon after we got out of Minot we hit heavy fog with a stiff south east breeze. What had started out as a nice day turned bad fast. We had one nice stop at a Lewis and Clark interpretive centre but we pulled into the KOA in Bismark glad to be able to stop and wait out the fog. I was glad we did.

We arrived after lunch and settled in to a nice quiet American Thanksgiving day. We had actually celebrated the Canadian version a month before but we had roasted chicken, cranberry, lehfse we got in North Dakota, and a sweet potato pie.


Our campsite in Bismark. Misty loved the campsite and the large doggy park.


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