Migration South Day 6 – Nebraska

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 3.18.38 PM

We left Pierre SD and headed for Fort Kearny State Recreation Area. According the information on the campsite they are open year round and have heated washrooms and showers. Off we went.

I am a prairie girl through and through and I love prairie. So naturally I loved Nebraska. Rolling hills, lovely farms and rivers and creeks and just plain gorgeous country. No big yucky piles of rock blocking the sky. Everything had a blanket of fresh snow from the recent blizzard. And it was cold. It was only -7C (19F) but there was a stifd breeze and it was a damp cold. Still we enjoyed the view.

We had a brief stop for lunch of vegetarian pizza and I left another Neepawa Rocks rock. One of the employees found it and posted to the Facebook group. That was neat.


Another thing I love is trains and we saw so many trains that I was in heaven in spite of the cold.


We finally arrived at the campground in Fort Kearny Recreation Area. The campground is indeed open but that part about heated washrooms and showers? Nope. We were the only ones there, except for a herd of deer, and the washrooms and showers were buttoned up tight. They did have electricity, though. so we backed in just as it was getting dark and made ourselves at home. Directly across from our campsite was what was obviously a favourite swimming hole for locals. No showers though.



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