Migration South Day 10-12 – Great Salt Plains State Park, Oklahoma


The short trip between the Wellington KOA and the Great Salt Plains State Park turned out to be a treat. The weather was lovely and warm. The scenery was lovely and we got a little whimsy for joy from a farmer. Have I mentioned I love the open plains? It was as wide and as open as could be. We pulled into the State Park and were delighted to have the entire campground to ourselves. The first day was warm and sunny and we liked it so much we mused about staying for a month. The next day it got cold and windy and we took a long walk but it was not warm enough for it to be pleasant.

The view was beyond spectacular. Directly across from us was a neat red cliff, reminders of Utah. There was a big dam with three tiers of spillways so we got to listen to the sound of a waterfall all night. I liked the “waterfall” while Dick was most interested in the diatom scum in the pool.

Having a whole campground to ourselves was really nice. Misty kind of accidentally on purpose got away from us and went for a nice long run. Fortunately all that recall training worked and she came right away when called. The river had pelicans in it and Misty alerted us every time they came near. She also let us know when horsemen went by which they did frequently.

Friday night the thunderstorms rolled by as forecast but, as forecast, nothing severe came near us. We got some rain and we heard some rumbles but we didn’t have to run to the shelter/bathroom. The next day we had planned to leave but the wind was ferocious. We decided to unhitch and go for a drive since it was too windy to travel with the trailer. First we paid for another night at the park.

The trip we took was out to the selenite crystal digging spot. During the summer you can walk out to that salt flat and dig up lovely selenite crystals. The place is closed in winter to protect the migrating birds. We could only look from the gate. We have some crystals so we didn’t feel a need to dig anyway. The wind was incredible, huge dust devils over the dirt fields. There were pump jacks everywhere. We stopped into a local grocery store in Cherokee Oklahoma. That was fun because we got to see different brands of foods and other neat stuff. I found some really lovely pottery with a south west theme and almost bought it, until I flipped it over. Made in China. Well it looked authentic.

Finally Sunday morning the sky was clear, the wind was low and the forecast was for snow. It was time to move south. And so we headed south to the Fort Cobb State park in south western Oklahoma.

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