Isaac Creek Campground

We really enjoy Army Corps of Engineer campsites. They are big and spacious, have huge individual sites, and they are set in lovely places. Isaac Creek is wonderfully nice even by Army Corp of Engineer standards. The campground is located in south west Alabama just upstream from the Claiborn Lock and Dam and the region is positively packed full of history. It’s rather off the beaten track with no nearby city. We made a point of stocking up before we went in.



One of the fun things was lots of paved roads for bike rides. The river was extremely high and fast flowing so we decided for safety reasons to forego canoeing. We signed up for three nights initially but we soon increased that to five as a major storm system was supposed to be barrelling through. We didn’t want to be traveling in storms. Our decision turned out to be correct as the system spawned 36 tornado warnings with six confirmed touchdowns. At one point we were also under a tornado warning which we spent in the shower stall of one of the washrooms. This was our second “hide from the tornado” event. Our young dog who is being trained got her longest sit stay session yet and she did very well. As it happened the tornados went to the south of us.

In spite of the one scare we had a lovely time. We took bike rides daily and short training walks with Misty at least three times a day. There were lots of other kids and dogs in the campground so we worked on lowering leash reactivity and proper heel technique. We also did lots of sit/stay and lie down stay.


There were abundant wildflowers to enjoy and the place was full of migrating birds. After weeks of intense volunteer work for Gulf Specimen Marine Lab we found it a great pleasure to unwind, watch the sunset and sunrise and just enjoy life at a slow easy pace.

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