Tiny Home, Tiny Storage, Big Joy.

Our home is 480 square feet. (46 square metres) Depending on how such things are defined, we have a Tiny Home. One of the perpetual issues with Tiny Homes is not enough storage space. And yet to stay sane in a Tiny House, organization is critically important. Everything must have a place and everything needs to be in it. One of the least used spaces in a house is the top foot or so going up to the ceiling. So I decided to use it.


I had two old fashioned one quarter inch plywood doors that started out as doors over a closet. While I was repainting, I had to rip the framing out around them and the framing broke. I stuck the doors in the garage and left them and put a curtain over the open closet instead.

After thinking a lot, I decided to convert the two old doors in four shelves by cutting them lengthwise. Since shelves “up there” are going to really show their brackets, I ordered some extra fancy brackets I liked from Amazon. The ones in our local hardware store were of limited selection and uniformly bland utilitarian. My wonderful neighbour used his table saw to cut the boards for me. I then repainted them with some leftover paint from the interior painting. Two shelves went up in the bathroom. My intention was to put in some pretty basket/box things so it looked nice like a magazine picture. What I didn’t know is my husband had been living with floor clutter he detested. I went to snap a picture of my new shelving and found he had already relocated all the bathroom clutter for me.

~ Hm, hubby dearest cleaning ~

~Hm, not exactly what I had planned. ~

~Hm, it does work even if it isn’t “decor” like a magazine. Okay it stays. ~

The second shelf is up much higher which gives the room a neat “staircase up” look instead of seeming crowded. Those fancy basket things I ordered will fit there on the higher shelf.

The third shelf solved one of my other little life joy reducers.


We downsized almost everything we had and I discarded just about everything “sentimental”. I did keep a few very special things that bring me much joy and they have been sitting in a plastic box for nearly ten years. I wanted them out where I could enjoy them. One shelf fits very nicely over the TV on the wall of our bedroom. I quickly filled it before Hubby Dearest found things he wanted out from underfoot. Now, my precious few sentimental things are where I can see them and look at them and feel joy. Each one has a very special story and means the world to me. (Trump Bear is a late addition.)


The fourth self went up behind Hubby Dearest’s treadmill work desk. He can do whatever he likes with it. I am hoping he declutters that space.


Total cost was $32 for the brackets. Since I used leftovers, I am not counting the cost of the wood, screws, and paint.

My next project should be interesting. I am going to convert this space into something useful.


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