Back At His Computer

We got home yesterday. How are we doing? We have additional bars and supports in the bathroom as per the instruction of the occupational therapist. He has a seat to sit on while he showers that works well. The bed is in a new spot to better accommodate his walker. Each day he gets more function back.


Our years of living in a travel trailer are certainly coming in handy in a strange way. Every time you move your trailer to a new location you have to rearrange stuff and adjust and adapt. You have to deal with small problems like the hose doesn’t reach the faucet or the electric hook up is opposite what you need. All those lessons in adaptation are perfect now as we adapt our home to this new reality. Aging is about adaptive living.

He has a pleasant, easy going, and patient personality. He says please and thank you all the time. He gives soft voiced gentle instructions. If I can’t do it right now, he is content to wait until I can. He gives reminders and suggestions in positive constructive ways. That makes this so much easier.

And his spirits are high. He wrote a paper in his head while lying there and now he’s getting his thoughts on paper, virtual paper that is. I suspect he might only get an hour or so before he fades and needs to have a nap but getting that hour of work in is more important than all the admonishes and advice of anyone else.

Right now my most annoying issue is that he always handled the laundry. Since the washer and dryer are in the basement, I have to take over that job, at least for now. I never used the new washer. It was a royal pain to figure it out and patience is not one of my virtues.

He actually lasted only 30 minutes at his computer and he’s having a nap now. I am going to go shower while he does. After that, I will start the next load of laundry and try to figure out how that the dryer works.

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