Protect Nana and Papa from COVID19!

Canada now has confirmed community spread in three provinces. Being trained in epidemiology, I have not felt very confident about our government here. However I listened to the entire Sunday update from our provincial officials and I feel much better. I wish we were doing more testing but otherwise I’m happy with the reaction. Nonetheless, my husband and I are going into self isolation because of the potential risk. During this recovery period for my husband (after his second relatively minor stroke) he is especially at risk.

Also there is new and growing evidence that anti-inflammatory drugs may inhibit the immune system activity against the virus. This includes steroids like prednisone and non steroid anti inflammatories like ibuprophen and aspirin. My husband has to be on these drugs because of his medical condition. Therefore, he could well be at even more risk and it is even more important that he not be exposed. (Do Not just grab and use over the counter drugs for your fever if you suspect COVID19 unless your doctor tells you to. Do not stop your own prescribed regular meds because you need them to stay healthy! Talk to your doctor!)

My husband and I have no intention of sitting inside being scared. My husband’s condition improves each day. I have some nice outings planned for us once the weather warms up. We have lots of favourite picnic spots in the area where we can be outdoors but away from people. We can do a little bird watching and maybe some fishing. We have the internet and the telephone. I like to play in Second Life and COVID19 can’t get my avatar in there. My kids contact us daily to make sure we are fine and my neighbours do the same. We are both workaholic antisocial types anyway so we’ll be fine psychologically.

Lea and Kitty

My Second Life Avatar with one of my Pet Kitties. Avatars are immune to COVID19

I urge everyone to do their part in “flattening the curve”. This means even if you are a child at low risk for complications of COVID19 you should do everything you can to help slow the spread of pandemic. Remember, if you are young and healthy you are not protecting yourself, you are protecting your Nana and Papa and someone else’s Grandma and Grandpa.

Overall, I have been very pleased with how people are now reacting. I feel much like I did back in the flood of ’97 or post 911. People are over the shock and are coming together to fight this pandemic. We will win eventually because pandemics are part of the natural cycle of life. Our only real concern is to fight this battle in a way that minimizes casualties. My favourite person for sane clear truth in this war is Dr. John Campbell.

Proactive not Reactive

Stay Home if You’re Sick

Practice Social Distancing (Six feet/two meters between me and thee)

Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases

Catch It, Cover It, Bin It (That’s British for cough into a tissue, close it up, throw it away and then wash your hands. Elbow cover is better than nothing if you don’t have a tissue.)

Elbow Bumps are Cool, Hand Shakes are Not

Flatten the Curve

Wash Your Hands



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