No More Buying From China

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As the Cornavirus runs through our society, it has become increasingly clear that a large part of our problem is China, or more specifically the communist government of China. I have plenty of Chinese friends and coworkers. They are by in large good decent hard working people. Many have lived in Canada for more generations than my immigrant family has. I know a few immigrants from China who love Canada more than I do because they know what it is like to live under that regime. I have nothing against Chinese people. However the communist Chinese government, Chicom, is a nightmare of evil.

Their activity released the virus. Their denial and cover up caused the world wide spread. They went on a campaign to buy up every bit of personal protective equipment there was. Now they are using the crisis to sell personal protective equipment at grossly inflated prices, much of it defective. They even took Italy’s donation and SOLD it back to them! The same wet markets that they say were the source of the virus are open again! There is a joke running around that because the virus is from Chicom it will quit working soon even if we do nothing. There is a lot of truth to that. Made in Chicom frequently means junk. Worse it means cheap junk supporting an evil empire.

The entire point of opening ourselves up to Chicom was to help the oppressed Chinese people see the glories of freedom and slowly but surely nudge them towards democracy. Plus we got to save some loonies. Instead, the west has been slowly but surely nudged into becoming pale reflections of themselves handing control of our lives over to Chicom. Everything raw resource in Canada, from wood to fish, is now sent to Chicom. From there it is processed, often under dubious conditions that harm the earth, and sold back to us. Chicom has infiltrated our businesses, our media, our universities, our politics, our international organizations and even our cell phones. This virus SARS2 is the second pandemic that started in Chicom not the first. They put lead in our children’s toys. They poisoned our pets. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me two, three, four, five times and what am I and just who should ashamed?

Enough! It is time we end this. The pathetic response of our government to this COVID19 crisis, their corrupt grovelling to China’s dictates, shows me that we Canadians must depend on ourselves to get through this pandemic. It also shows me that we Canadians must depend on ourselves to get free of Chicom. When I went shopping a few days ago, wearing my mask and keeping my minimum six feet from the next shopper, I paused by the canned mushrooms. The ones from China were $1.39. Beside them were mushrooms from British Columbia for $1.62. I decided right then and there to pay the extra 23 cents/can. I know that it is entirely possible that the purported British Colombia mushrooms came from China and only the label was made in British Columbia but it was a start. I would rather pay 23 cents more for a can of mushroom to support Canadian jobs and Canadian people then save that 23 cents by sending my $1.39 to China.

I decided that from this day forward I will not buy one single thing from China if I can at all avoid it. It won’t be easy because so many thing come from China and no where else. If I can’t find something not made in China that I must have, then I will only buy something second hand from a Canadian so no new money goes to China. I will buy Canadian first. I will buy American second. I will buy Israeli, Indian, British, German, Taiwanese, Danish or any democracy after that. I will buy anything but Made in China. Time to break the evil Chicom hold on the world. My effort is just a small laughable drop in the bucket but if enough of us do it, it will make a difference.


3 thoughts on “No More Buying From China

  1. pobept

    I made the same decision about China made products more than 5 years ago. However it is not always an easy or money wise choice not to buy China made products. A few day ago I need a new 12 foot tape measure. I could buy one from harbor freight (China tool outlet store) on sale for $0.99 USD or a USA made like product for $8.00 USD. Now the financial reality is do I spend $7.00 more for a USA made tape measure or buy Chinese made?

    Good luck on your wise decision to not support Communist China.

    Happy Gardening

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  2. tumbleweedstumbling Post author

    Yes it is not easy. We recently decided that due to the potential breakdown of the food supply chain and sky rocketing prices during this lock down, that we needed to buy a side of beef. We have a small local butcher who ships directly from her husband’s pasture to their tiny slaughterhouse to her shop. Before we could buy the beef we needed to buy a freezer. Apparently we have a lot of company thinking this way because not one big box store in our area had a freezer. Nor was it possible to order one on line. I did finally find a small local furniture store that had a freezer of the correct size. The owner immediately apologized without my asking and said all she had left were freezers from China. She herself would never ever again order any stock from China but that was all she had left. She was so very sorry. She had even marked her stock of Chinese freezers down just to get rid of them. Every time she looked at them she felt ill. (I know this woman and her little store so I know she isn’t feeding me a line. She means it.) Since the freezer was already in Canada, it was a semi emergency, stock was already here, and the owner had spontaneously told me she would never again buy from China I decided we would take it off her hands. We are now on a waiting list for the side of beef from the small local butcher, hopefully getting our beef by the end of next week. My husband needs new work style shoes and I found a local Canadian manufacturer. The price is double the same thing from China but I am paying that double. It’s worth it to have my money support that local factory, employ Canadians, and not the Chicom.



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