Building a Greenhouse – Part 3

I am beyond excited to be able to say I have a working greenhouse now.


Today I got the last bit of double wall polycarbonate cut to fit and in place. I installed the temperature control vent hinge thingies for the top vents. I then proceeded to repot my long root bound aloe vera plant in my new greenhouse. Installing the polycarbonate stuff turned out to a lot easier than I expected. Many thanks to this guy for the know how. His tips worked like magic and I probably couldn’t have succeeded without his timely video. The multi tooth saw blade he recommended cut through the Tuftex like a hot knife through butter.

I was able to neatly and easily use ten panels of Tuftex to cover by 7×8 greenhouse. The primer job was compliments of hubby dearest who took it upon himself to paint for me.

There were a few tricky spots. The door didn’t want to fit right. That was my fault as I didn’t count on the extra space the hinges I picked required. Some work with my saw and an old fashioned hand planer fixed that. I added two vent hinge thingies that should open and close the vents on top depending on temperature. They need adjusting yet. For now they are set at the widest possible because it is really hot outside and even hotter in the greenhouse.


As I have said before, a greenhouse has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. I am so excited and so happy to finally finally at long last have my very own greenhouse. I do have some small things left. I need to add clear calking to a few spots. I need to fix the bottom which currently has grass in it. I need to install a nice big black rain barrel full of water to help regulate the temperature. These are details. In the meantime I can just take pride in my 99% finished product. Final cost was just under $1100. I have two full sized panels of Tuftex leftover but I have other plans for those.

Next project? A third deck on the southside of the house and a patio door from Dick’s office area so it can double as a sunroom. We are waiting for a permit from the town before we can start that.IMG_2023


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