Quiche for My Prepping,

I have a bunch of frozen food from my pre COVID stock up on groceries in my freezers. I am trying to rotate out the foods I put in the freezer so they get used up and next trip to the grocery store I’ll replace them. Every other nook and cranny of my freezer is full of veggies like frozen zucchini and green and yellow beans. I mean the freezers are bursting. I have to rearrange things to get the doors closed. I had to pick all the tomatoes off the vines and they are ripening rapidly in my basement faster than we can eat them. So I was searching for a meal that would help me tackle all of that bounty.

I have never tried making a quiche. Most quiches I have tried are clunky and yucky. Far too many of them have come loaded with cooked spinach. I am not a fan of cooked spinach. However I decided I might try this anyway. Maybe a quiche without spinach might taste good. This quiche recipe requires five eggs and would help use up some of those 15 dozen I purchased earlier. It also called for two cups of vegetables or meat. There was a warning that it could get mushy with too much liquid so be prepared to have it take longer to bake. Right away that appealed to me. I had a plan.

Why would mushy appeal? Last spring when the whole COVID thing hit I stocked up on far too many fresh mushrooms, assorted fresh coloured sweet peppers, turnips and celery. When they started to turn, I hauled out my food dehydrator and dried the excess. Then over the summer I dried lots more. My pantry is almost as full of dried foods as my freezers are with frozen. I decided to try using some of the dehydrated and frozen veggies I have in a quiche. The recipe ended up like this.

5 fresh eggs from my too many eggs from the 15 dozen case I bought from the Hutterites

1/2 cup frozen thawed milk (Milk freezes reasonably well, even more so with the lactose free stuff I use but I do need to rotate the milk as nine months is about the maximum it comes out tasting normal.)

1/2 cup frozen thawed cheese (I have been pleasantly surprised how well cheeses freeze. You almost can’t tell if it has been frozen.) I grated marble cheddar for the quiche.

1 of my extremely large over ripe bush beefsteak tomatoes, chopped

1/4 cup of my dehydrated mixed sweet peppers

1/4 cup dehydrated mushrooms

2 tablespoon of frozen parsley

Freshly ground black pepper

just the tiniest dash of salt to avoid upsetting Hubby Dearests’ blood pressure

I made up the balance of the two cups of veggies with frozen chopped yellow zucchini from my summer bounty

Due to my intolerance for wheat, I made the crust with coconut oil and white rice flour. It ended up needing almost an hour of baking but the result was positively heavenly. The top was crusty golden and delicious from the cheese. The zucchini was soft and sweet. The mushroom flavour came through loud and clear. The green peppers were delicious. The eggs/cheese/milk was light and fluffy. The crust, meh, white rice flour is grainy but edible. I don’t intend to buy white rice flour anymore because brown rice flour is so much better but I did use up a cup and half of that.

Hubby dearest pronounced the meal a delicious success and he ate with gusto.

So another dish for my prepper pantry list. Quiche is a great way to use up excess fresh, dehydrated and previously frozen items from the freezer.

I read in the news a few months ago of a woman who had $20,000 worth of food in her basement when she passed away. Most of it had to be thrown out because it was out of date or had gone bad. She was a not a prepper. She was a hoarder. I intend to never throw out any of my food preps and I intend to eat them all. If you only buy and store food you will eat, and rotate your food and use it, prepping ends up costing very little after the initial stocking up. Quiche is a great addition to my recipe list.

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