Funny Big Cat – Little Cat Story

My husband and I often lie in bed and watch TV in the evening before we fall asleep. The cats join us for a cuddle and an ear rub. Klinger really enjoys our evening time. He snuggles up close to me and I give him a massage and he purrs his fool head off until we fall asleep. He will eventually leave during the night and go sleep somewhere else. I assume it is out of kick range. Mali has adjusted to the routine very well and she usually joins us. It has taken her time to learn that evenings are for quiet cuddles not wrestle, jump and attack time, but she has mostly learned it. She especially likes to cuddle just touching Klinger. Last night she carefully groomed his tail for him and he appears to like that.

We had to go to town for the day. We took Misty so Klinger and Mali were left alone for several hours. We came home to a frantically upset kitten. She greeted us with joy and relief but refused to settle down. No, she wasn’t hungry. No, she didn’t need fresh water. Nothing we tried satisfied her. Eventually, I figured out whatever the problem was, it was in the basement. I followed her downstairs while she frantically meowed at me, circling me in terrible distress. She led me straight to Klinger’s favourite quiet spot on his bed downstairs. She put her little paws on the edge and looked down on him and cried.

At first glance I thought “Oh no! Klinger has died in his sleep.” He was curled into a tight ball and he was not moving. Even as I thought it, I saw him partially open one eye and then quickly squish it down again. The old cat was faking it! Being left alone with this energetic kitten had obviously driven him crazy. He went downstairs and played dead so she would leave him alone. Chuckling to myself, I made him ‘wake up’. Mali changed from distressed kitten crying to joyful greeting mews with full body rubs and relieved purring for both of us. Mali was so happy. I had fixed Klinger for her. Klinger meanwhile gave me one of the dirtiest “if looks could kill” irritated feline glares I have ever been subjected to.

Did you know cats will play dead? I certainly did not.

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