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October 17/14 Kinesota Visit

We departed Winnipeg after getting our fancy new toolbox installed. We had a slight problem with the spring support for the toolbox lid knocking on the wiring and cutting off power to our slider, rear stabilizers and electric breaks. I rearranged the wiring so it was tucked out of the way of the spring and the problem was solved. Before figuring out the source of the trouble I learned how to manually retract the slider. Very easy to do with the drill on the right part of the slider motor. We stayed the night in the little Langruth campground. We saw a black bear just outside of Langruth. We had trouble finding a garbage can in Langruth and we were told the new area bear was the reason.



We then went to Alonsa and checked out the cabin. It was fine. The place is very muddy though. We ran into our old friends Stan and Louise Asham who have retired to a small hobby sized farm in Kinesota. They used to have a big cattle outfit. Now they have about 100 acres, a few horses and a few chickens. Louise sure looks great after she had a serious illness and surgery this summer. Oh we had such a nice visit! It was so good to get caught up.


We stayed the night in Kinesota at their place and Stan and his brother Moose took Dick along fishing. They got quite a haul! As usual Dick scaled our share and cleaned them, then I did a final cleaning to fit all that fish into our freezer. We have about three months worth of fish. I cut off the tails and filleted some of the fish to make it fit after Dick was finished. I was cutting off the tail and the fish jumped in the sink nearly making me jump through the ceiling. Now that is fresh fish.


Our fish


We ended up with a whole bunch of mullet, pike and we had a pickerel fish fry that evening. After the fish were cleaned Stan (after consulting with Eldon Campbell who has a shop for such things) flipped our hitch receiver to level the trailer. It was so easy! I can’t believe that we went for five years without a properly level hitch and some advice from Eldon and Stan all of twenty minutes with me helping. Of course having the right power tools sure helps.


Before the flip. Note how low the hitch is relative to the trailer when the hitch is level. The result is the trailer rides low in front and the truck rides low in back. This also places strain on the axles. I kept bringing up this issue everywhere I went and they kept saying “Oh it’s fine, it’s fine”. It wasn’t.


Here we have flipped the receiver end of the hitch and checked the height measurements.


Finally the job is done and the truck now pulls a level trailer, no strain on anything. I can’t get over how it took five years to get that issue finally fixed and that a little farmer/country know how was all it took.

Before getting too impressed with our fish take a look at Stan Asham with his catch of the day.

THE fish

Problem: I miss my kids. Oh well only six months to go.