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Stuff that works! Zinsser Cover Up for the RV Ceiling Stains

I admit it. I like to complain. So to counteract that I like to talk about stuff I find that works as advertised.

Problem, rusty, yucky stains on the ceiling of the RV. For some stupid reason my camera refused to focus on the ugly spot but the picture is good enough for you to see how yucky it was. For reasons I don’t understand, whoever chose to build my RV used staples in the ceiling tile that rust. The result has been these horrid yellowish rust spots appearing in the nice white ceiling, in neat regular rows, especially in the bathroom. And I mean YUCK!


After trying every kind of stain remover I could find, I decided to give up on removing the stain and see about covering up. I already really liked the Zinsser 1,2,3 primer. I decided to give this stuff a try.

Zinger’s Cover up is advertised as being for covering stains on ceilings. It has a very handy upward squirting nozzle that sprays a fine bunch of goop at the spot. It comes out looking like a horrid much worse wet greasy stain. It dries to a flat white with no greasy look. Just so happens the flat white works beautifully over the rusty stains in my RV.Zinsser


This is my after picture (which focused!). You can still see the barest hint of a rust stain but it is almost invisible. And that with only one coat! I will do a second coat.

Warning: Really stinky smelling and makes a fine vapour which you do not want to breathe, especially if you an asthmatic like me. Have all your windows open, drape underneath, and use goggles and a mask or you’ll be sorry. Also the stuff looks hideous until it dries. So wait for a nice day with a breeze, open all the windows, spray, go for a walk, and don’t look again until the next day if you can help yourself. Also read and follow the directions about keeping the nozzle clear.

I like stuff that works!

No one paid me anything for this review.

And voila, clean white ceiling. It’s been up there for nearly four weeks now and holding.