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Life Goes On, Quietly


In Manitoba things remain positive. Community spread has been confirmed in many other parts of Canada but, so far, it seems Manitoba is still only finding cases directly related to travel. The authorities just expanded testing so it may well be we will soon see cases shoot up. I find myself wondering if they know more than I do. It doesn’t make any difference if they do. I can’t change anything.

In our small town the air feels like spring. We awoke to a skiff of fluffy snow that vanished by midday. The snowbanks are still there but water is beginning to run at the edges. The snow is getting heavy and rotten. The Canada geese have returned and I heard other bird calls that I haven’t heard for a while. Those pesky European sparrows began nesting in my wood swallow houses. I evicted them and covered the holes with duct tape until the tenants I want come back. The sun is warm and lovely. The sky is brilliant blue.

My husband and I go for a walk with the dog each day. He is getting stronger and stronger and today we walked four blocks in our small town. All our neighbours were out and about enjoying the sunshine. We shout at each other from at least six feet away, usually more. The troublesome resident we were all worried about has done something that required rearresting and no one is unhappy about that. All the people around us are thus far free of the virus. Many are elderly with troublesome health conditions so I hope it stays that way.

It has been two weeks now since we “locked down”. We pass our days following the news, writing, and working on our various projects. I am reading many more blogs as so many of us are stuck at home and have time to write. I enjoy the blogs where I get to find out how other people in the world are coping. My children contact us frequently. They are all frantically busy coping on the front lines. All I can do is assure them we are safe and well and then listen to them as they talk about what they are dealing with.

I called one of my neighbours and found out she was afraid to go outside because the virus is airborne. I assured her it was safe to sit on her back deck and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. In fact, the sunshine would kill any airborne virus (unlikely since she is 60 metres from any human being in a remote rural area.) Sunshine would also boost her vitamin D levels and that would make her immune system stronger. She was so relieved. It is a small thing to reassure someone that they can safely enjoy sunshine and fresh air but many small things add up to defeating this virus. I said I can’t change anything. I was wrong. I can. We all need to do what we can.