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COVID is really getting me down. Yesterday we made a trip to town because Hubby Dearest strained his back. We had to ask for an exception to the telephone call only rule. HIs back is slowly healing but it’s hard to deal with inflammation when you can’t take anti inflammatories. The doctor sent us home with a topical cream stuff. While we waited our turn, I was asked to stay outside the office because they only let patients in, not family accompanying them. When my husband protested, they relented and let me stay. However we were both asked to stand outside and wait because the waiting room was overcrowded. Every other seat had a sign on it saying you can’t sit there. This meant even if we could have been inside the waiting area, we could not sit together. We needed to use the washroom after an hour and half of driving but we were told the washrooms were out of service due to COVID. Not allowed to sit. Not allowed to pee. Those rules are new ones incidentally. We were there in May and they weren’t like that.

On the way out we snuck into a washroom probably reserved for staff but honestly it was that or wet myself. I was very careful to wash everything afterward and hopefully not contaminate the washroom with COVID germs I don’t really think I have. The doctor ordered a blood test, just in case, and since we were in town anyway. We drove over to the lab. Again I had to wait outside. This one we didn’t argue about because there is no set of instructions from the doctor for him to remember without my help. Last time we went by the lab I went in after he came out to use the washroom and I had to go through a literally ten minute screening process to make sure I was not a threat due to COVID before I could use the washroom right beside the exit. This time I decided I’d just hold it until I got home.

After our doctor’s stuff I went to the grocery store. He sat in the truck, in what has become out usual routine, because the store only allows one person per family inside. I bought a pumpkin and some halloween candy. I don’t know if it will even be used. There is some talk about not allowing Trick or Treating in town and having a community event in the community arena instead. That will be a neat trick because the board of the community arena/hall just decided that in order to protect our community’s elderly, no one will be allowed in the arena. Some of us seniors like go to the arena to get deionized water. I am not sure why forcing us seniors to get our drinking water somewhere else, like a grocery store, is making us safer, but the board has decided this and that is that. So how they will also have a community Halloween event to avoid the danger of Trick or Treating when no one is allowed in the arena is really beyond me. If any kids show up I will have treats for them.

Masks make me dizzy. I think it’s my asthma. When I wear them I feel lightheaded and like I am going to pass out. I wear them anyway because if I don’t, I can’t get into places. It feels like everything and everyone is now about what we are not allowed to do. You can’t sit down. You can’t shop with your husband. You can’t go out in the community. You can’t visit your grandchildren. You can’t visit your elderly friends in senior homes. You can’t even pee these days. Every time I turn around there is some new rule to worry about. I feel like the entire world has gone stark raving mad. I am beginning to think we’d be better off just letting the bug loose and if it kills us, then let it kill us. We are not being allowed to live.

I will be glad when winter comes. We tend to stay home and cocoon in winter anyway so that will probably feel more normal. I have to start making a very deliberate effort to think positive thoughts and stay cheerful.