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Old Lamp Shade Now New Light

This was fun and easy project! It was well worth taking a break on our pantry. The problem we were facing is the there is no light over our kitchen table. This is not an issue during the summer because enough natural light comes in that we don’t need extra lighting. However in November and December, the days get really short and after daylight savings it is dark by supper time. It will remain dark well in January. We decided we needed another light.


There were problems to solve. There is no way to get a new fixture put in there. That meant the only feasible way to hang a light was a swag lamp. I love Tiffany style lamps. They are unbearably expensive though. I was overjoyed when I spotted a Tiffany style lamp for my kitchen in a second hand shop the summer we bought the house. I replaced the old bare bulb with this pretty lamp and it has brought me joy ever since. (Hubby dearest helped and then he cleaned it up for me.) We decided to try the second hand shop again.


Two Tiffany style lamps was too much to be true. We did not find another one. We did find something else fun and different. It was an old lamp shade made with brass and green glass. The glass was etched with a tall grass design that reminded us of the big blue stem of the tall grass prairies. The brass and the shape of the glass makes it blend with the ceiling fan in the living room area and the glass panes and chain makes it blend with the Tiffany style lamp in the kitchen so it feels like it fits right in. The total cost was under $30 with the hardware we bought. IMG_1849

I ordered a swag lamp conversion kit from Amazon and it took a couple of hours of fiddling but we soon had our new swag lamp for our kitchen table. I left the chain long and looped it twice so that if we are working on something that needs lots of lighting we can lower the light and get it. Otherwise it nicely shines on the table when we eat. Tomorrow is the switch back to standard time. That means sunset by 5:00pm and darkness at supper. We have our new/old light just in time.