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Magic Garage Door Opener.

I did it! I am so proud. I researched and bought my very own automatic garage door opener with a battery back up. We needed one because I want to keep my truck in the garage in winter. Plus I was worried about getting the truck out in an emergency because it takes two people to do it. I also wanted a battery back up because out in our community power loss is fairly common. I picked the Chamberlain one because all the parts for it are readily available on Amazon and it has good reviews including a consumer report report. I picked a 1 3/4 horse power with battery back up because this old garage door is so heavy. I ended up actually buying the unit from Canadian Tire because their regular price is cheaper than Amazon and as a bonus it was on sale even cheaper.


I had to make modified ceiling supports for my opener. Here I am drilling the holes before screwing one brace into place.

It wasn’t even very hard to do!

Chamberlain gave me a very detailed manual and all I had to do was carefully follow all instructions step by step as written. Admittedly, I had to go back and redo a few things where I didn’t read properly but it did finally all work. My personal tip is make sure you have the teeny tiny little master link joiner things for the track on correctly and make sure the floor is perfectly clean under your work area. If you do it wrong, the track opens at the master link and throws the three teeny tiny linker bit parts everywhere. Its really hard to find them on the floor even when it is clean and swept first. I also ordered an extra set from Amazon, just in case. Also make sure you know exactly what each part is for before you start. Everything is in the box for a reason. Make sure you know the reason before you start and it will go faster.


Here I have attached the opener to the door and I am preparing to install the braces.

A friend of mine gave me a wonderful tip a few years ago. He said if you need a tool for a project, buy it. You will slowly accumulate tools over time with little extra expense. He was so right! For this project I needed many of my tools, like the skill saw, the variable speed drill, my two step ladders and my fancy socket set. For the garage door opener I got myself a reciprocating saw with a metal blade to cut the metal braces to fit. I have wanted one of those reciprocating saws forever.


And my friend and neighbour came to inspect. (And return a nonvariable but more powerful drill of mine she borrowed.) The garage door opener worked correctly for the first time in her presence. She is my good luck charm.

(No company has ever given me any money or benefits from blogging about their products.)