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Solar Water Heater for Pool

After the Alonsa tornado the beach got full of wood bits and broken glass. We’re a bit hesitant about swimming there. I have always wanted a pool in my yard but never felt I should waste the money when we had a perfectly good beach 12km away. This year I did it! I bought myself a pool.


Okay, it’s not exactly an Olympic pool but I am delighted by it. I also ordered a water test kit and some chlorine stabilizer and several bottles of household bleach. I now have the chlorine and stabilizer in the water and the test kit shows the level of chlorine and the pH are perfect. The big problem is temperature. The water came out of the well at 6C (43F) and it was COLD in that pool. It’s been cool at night so the temperature is now up to 19C (66F) which is a lot better than the heart stopping cold of the initial fill but still not what I consider good for a casual dip.

In order to more quickly raise the temperature I cobbled together a solar water heater using some stuff we had laying about. I stapled a black mat onto some plywood and then wound 50 feet of black hose in a loop. I purchased a submersible pond pump and attached it.



The pump sits on the bottom of the pool where the water is coldest. It pumps the water up to the looped hose. The cord was long enough to easily have the plug outside but I will have to remove it if we’re using the pool because it is in a spot it could get wet and deliver a nasty shock.


The result? Well in full sun water goes in and then comes out a full 2C (3.6F) higher. The pump is strong enough that the water is going out at a good pace. Given it took 16 hours to fill, it will take 8 hours for each degree it goes up. However we are going into a stretch of nice hot weather with daily highs predicted to be 27C (80F). I regard 24C (76F) as perfect swimming pool temperature so we’re on the road to that. The pump is also working well enough I plan to buy some more black hose and add another 50 ft.

I look forward to taking a swim in my pool shortly.