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Home Home Home!


We are home. It’s a very strange feeling. It is akin to the feeling you get when you arrive at a campsite you know you will be staying at for the next six months. But now there is this little house and a driveway and garage and sprawling yard we own. We are still living in our trailer because we have no bed for the house and lack most other things needed and our trailer is comfy. We have hooked up to power and water and if you look at the lower right behind the house you can see the access to sewer system where we can dump at need with our macerator. So why rush?

Bedrooms Kitchen

So much cleaning to do! Mayhem of moving! Actually the place was clean when we moved in but I am scrubbing every inch of every wall, ceiling and nook and cranny claiming it my own as I do. Imagine our delight to discover the layout is perfect as is. No knocking out walks. Two bedrooms. A long open living room kitchen combo. There is only one major repair we must do very quickly. The rest is all cosmetic. We discovered our washer is huge, a mega super heavy duty one that can take our biggest quilt and we promptly began a frenzy of washing the linen in the trailer. We don’t have the clothesline up yet but the deck rail works.


And we have snakes. It’s migration season and they have just come up from below ground and are migrating out so there are plains garter snake everywhere. I like these snakes. They aren’t poisonous, they don’t bite. They do eat field mice. When ever I have had garter snakes about I have not had pesky rodents. Home.


Now official invitation. Our home can accommodate others and our driveway can accommodate a second trailer in a few weeks once we put some gravel into some ruts. So free boon docking for friends and if you don’t have a trailer, being an air mattress until I announce we have guest beds.